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Small Spaces

There are about a thousand other things that I would rather do than squeeze into a crawlspace under a house. At minimum, a thousand other things. Crawlspaces are tiny and dark and dirty and there are creepy crawlies. Personally, I'm not a fan of creepy crawlies. So if something happens in your crawlspace (like a pipe bursts or you have mold), and you're anything like me, you aren't going to want to venture in there. That's what SERVPRO of Howell/Wall is here for. Our technicians have no qualms about going into crawlspaces to work. They even have these cute, and effective, white suits to help protect them from water/dirt/mold/creepy crawlies. So save yourself and let SERVPRO handle the job.

Content Moving

People accumulate things. It's a natural part of life. You keep things with meaning. Sometimes you don't realize how many things you've kept. What used to be one or two boxes in a closet has now evolved into a whole room filled with boxes of things you probably can't even remember acquiring. And let's be honest. You probably haven't used some of these items in years. This is where SERVPRO of Howell/Wall comes in. When water or fire damage strike, the last thing you need to worry about is handling a room full of boxes. Our technicians are prepared to come in an move all of those boxes out. We can move them to other, unaffected rooms. Or we can move them into a storage pod/facility until the work is complete. No heavy lifting necessary on your part.

Foam Blocking Furniture

Furniture is an important part of having a house. Where do people sit when you invite them over if you don't have any furniture? Where do you sleep without a bed? The trouble with furniture is that is can cover some significant floor space. If the floor underneath a dresser gets wet (including the bottom of the dresser itself), how can you dry the floor without moving the dresser? That's were foam blocking comes in. SERVPRO of Howell/Wall technicians can put larger pieces of furniture on small foam blocks to lift the furniture off the floor. This allows for greater air movement from the drying equipment that's been placed. With foam blocking, there's no giant wet spot under your dresser when we finish the mitigation.

SERVPRO Dry Sponges for Fire/Smoke Damage

The most frustrating annoyance in the aftermath of a fire isn't the thick soot damage. It's the barely visible soot damage that most people don't even see. Since soot is so fine, it can adhere to any surface and simply take up residence. With all of the smoke causing a haze, it can be hard to see fine soot dust on various pieces of furniture. That's why SERVPRO of Howell/Wall uses these dry sponges to clean soot damage. As you can see, the sponges pulls the soot off the surface and traps it. The technicians use these sponges over structural surfaces like walls and ceilings to help clean up after fires.

SERVPRO Moisture Meters

Our technicians are IICRC certified in water mitigation. If you thought high school algebra was bad, this is worse. There are many guidelines to follow and steps to take during the drying process. SERVPRO of Howell/Wall technicians immediately start checking for affected areas affected by water. In order to check to see if a building material is wet, the technicians use moisture meters like the one shown in the photo. Since the little dial is in the green, the floor is dry. Our technicians make sure the affected areas are dry before removing any drying equipment. And they use these meters to help determine how much moisture there might be.

Water Loss Floor Protection

We understand that water damage can be nerve-wracking. It's not supposed to be fun, in case you were wondering. But it also shouldn't be difficult. There's so much to worry about with what got damaged that people shouldn't have to worry about the things that aren't wet. That's why SERVPRO of Howell/Wall puts down plastic on the undamaged floors in the houses we work in. It helps prevent damage to carpet and other types of flooring that weren't affected by the water loss. We want to make sure your floors are safe and well protected against water, dirt and debris from the drying process.

Commercial Water Damage in Neptune, NJ

Leaks are bad. I'm sure I don't need to tell you that. But I feel like it bears repeating. Leaks are bad. Whether it's an air mattress, a fuel line in a car, a gas line in a house, or a pip in business in Neptune, New Jersey, all leaks are inherently bad. This leak was no different than the rest. I pipe sprung a leak and that leak cause some water damage to the drywall and flooring in this establishment. Since time is always of the essence when it comes to water damage, SERVPRO of Howell/Wall went right over to start mitigation services. Everything was dried effectively and efficiently and the staff was grateful there was no interruption to business while we did the work.

Commercial Water Damage in Howell, NJ

Pipes break at the worst times. I'm sure there's some research to prove that, but you'll just have to take my word for it now. It's a Murphy's Law kind of thing. Whenever one things starts to go wrong, everything else follows suit. Annoying, right? That's what happened in this photo. A pipe sprung a lovely leak between two businesses in Howell, NJ. This particular business wanted us to do the mitigation. So off SERVPRO of Howell/Wall went to get everything taken care of so there would be no disruption in business for this company. Everything was effectively and efficiently dried and the staff was happy to be fully back in business.

Residential Storm Damage in Toms River, NJ

When it rains, it pours. In this case, it POURED. An unexpected storm came rolling in and caused some havoc for this home in Toms River, New Jersey. The roof leaked which caused some extensive water damage to the lovely hardwood floors throughout the house. When SERVPRO of Howell/Wall got the call, we went right out to the jobsite to start the mitigation process. Our team laid out a floor mat drying system that would help pull moisture from the hardwood flooring while circulating air to help dry the floors. There are a lot of weird hoses hooked up with some weird looking machines in this photo, but all those hoses and machines helped dry the floors. The customer was happy and so were we.

Commercial Water Damage in Neptune, NJ

Water damage in your own home is pretty awful, if we're being honest. Water damage at a care facility is even worse. Water damage, if severe enough, can definitely displace you. Imagine having care patients displaced. That's far from an ideal situation. When SERVPRO of Howell/Wall got the call to come into a care facility to start water mitigation, we raced right over knowing full well that time was of the essence. Our team immediately got to work drying the affected areas. We worked diligently to ensure patients were not displaced during our time working. The facility was pleased with the work we did and how quickly we got the job done.

Storm Damage in Sea Girt, NJ

I enjoy a good lightning storm. From a distance, of course. Being hit by lightning doesn't sound all that appealing. Rain storms are also nice...from afar. Mostly because rain sometimes means flooding and water damage. And no one needs either of those things in their life. This photo shows some lovely rain/storm related damage to a lovely home in Sea Girt, NJ. There was some awful rain that caused some seepage in the basement of this home. That seepage damaged the drywall and flooring in the basement. So SERVPRO of Howell/Wall came in to assess the damage and start the mitigation process so we could get everything dry and cleaned up for the family. The family was happy with the results and we were happy to help.

Storm Damage in Belmar, NJ

More rain! Yay! I don't think anyone has ever said that. Maybe in certain drought conditions. But most people don't love rain. It's wet and gross and it makes people irrationally miserable. What's even more miserable than normal rain? Rain that caused damage to you house. In this case, as the photo shows, there was significant rainfall over a very short period of time that led to the damage shown. Once SERVPRO of Howell/Wall was called in, we got started right away on doing the necessary demolition in order to effectively dry the affected areas. Drywall had to be removed since the water wicked up the walls. It was a pretty intense job but in the end the customers were happy with the services we provided.

Storm Damage in Howell, NJ

"Rain, rain go away! Come again another day!" Or so the song goes. It would be better if the whole song was about sunshine and unicorns, but I suppose telling rain to "go away" is fine, too. Rain is what caused this water loss in Howell, NJ. During some heavy rains, the basement started to experience seepage since the ground outside was too wet to absorb more water. That led to the rain creeping in from the walls in the foundation. Which wasn't a very pleasant experience for the family who lives there. But then they called SERVPRO of Howell/Wall and we turned it all around for them. In the end, the structure and materials were dried out and the family was looking at waterproofing solutions, happy that the water damage was expertly taken care of.

Residential Storm Damage in Belmar, NJ

Sump pump is a funny phrase. Sump pump. Sump pump. Sump pump. For as funny as the term is, sump pumps are also necessary for areas with a high water table. Much like the house shown in this photo. A family from Belmar, NJ experienced some particularly heavy rains over the course of a few days. Sadly, their funny sump pump could not keep up with the amount of rain pouring down. Once the sump pump overflowed, it caused quite a bit of water damage to the unfinished basement. The family called in SERVPRO of Howell/Wall to start the mitigation process and dry everything out. We can in with fans blazing and got the job done in a timely manner. The family was happy and we were off to the next job.

Residential Mold in Spring Lake, NJ

Persistence can be a good thing in most aspects of life. Persistence could mean the difference between receiving a promotion at work or being passed over for someone else. When is persistence a bad thing? When water leaks are involved. Especially if said water leak is sneaky and has gone unnoticed. That's exactly what happened to this house in Spring Lake, NJ. There was a persistent, unknown leak happening that caused mold damage in the crawlspace. SERVPRO of Howell/Wall came in and remediated all of the mold for the family. They were grateful for the help and we were grateful we could help.

Mold Remediation, Jackson NJ

Is it roofs or rooves? I'm never sure. Either way, this roof leaked, as they sometimes do, and that leak caused some unknown water damage with eventually led to some mold damage. Which isn't as much fun as one would think. This house in Jackson, NJ had an ongoing leak for a bit of time. Unfortunately for them, there was some considerable rain during that time. Once the family called SERVPRO of Howell/Wall, we went right out there to assess the damage and put together an estimate for the remediation. Once all was said and done, the mold had been remediated and the customers were pleased with the results. And we were simply happy we could help.

Commercial Mold Loss in Whiting, NJ

Sometimes businesses close. It's an unfortunate part of life. When that happens, previously used buildings can sit abandoned for long periods of time. When that happens, the building can start to break down. This particular photo is from a commercial business in Whiting, New Jersey that closed down. Over time, a roof leak caused some water damage that was left unmitigated since the building was no longer being used. As you can see, mold developed. SERVPRO of Howell/Wall was called in to remediate the extensive mold. We got the job done, and the customer was happy to have a mold free building.

Mold Damage in Neptune, NJ

Bubbles are fun. What kid doesn't love bubbles? That's a summer staple. Soapy bubbles are great. But bubbles on your drywall? Not so great. Especially when those bubbles are surrounded by little clusters of mold. The photo shown is the result of a water loss that was not properly mitigated. This is why you should always call SERVPRO of Howell/Wall when you have a water loss. The last thing anyone wants to deal with is a bubbly, fuzzy wall in their basement. If that does somehow happen to you, we will do all we can to help fix the situation.

Commercial Water Damage in Howell, NJ

Busy days at the office can be frustrating. So much to do in so little time. We've all been there, right? What can make a busy day even more frustrating is rainwater coming in through the front door. Storms can cause quite a bit of havoc. In this case, it caused some unpleasant water damage for this office in Howell, New Jersey. SERVPRO of Howell/Wall came in to extract all of the water, and clean and dry the affected carpet. We got this office operating at full efficiency in no time, much to the delight of the office staff and owner.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Howell, NJ

Carpet is a wonderful thing. It cushions you as you walk, it helps maintain heat, and it looks pretty. But sometimes people don't take care of their carpeting and it needs to be cleaned and deodorized. Because no one wants dirty carpeting. This photo is from a local non-profit that needed some carpets cleaned for some of the onsite housing they provide. They were between residents and wanted the carpets cleaned before new residents moved in. SERVPRO of Howell/Wall jumped in to clean and deodorize the carpets to help make the houses look practically brand new for their new residents.

Fire Damage in Jackson, NJ

Smoke and soot aren't the only things that can cause damage after a fire. Sometimes it's water damage from the fire hoses. Other times it's the chemical spray from the fire extinguishers the firefighters use. It may not seem like the chemical spray can do much damage. But the fine powder gets everywhere when it's sprayed. It leaves a white, powdery film on surfaces. Clearly, there are worse things that some chemical spray residue. But it's still a bit of an annoyance. That's where SERVPRO of Howell/Wall comes in. We can clean up all of the chemical spray residue and have your house sparkling again.

Storm Damage in Wall, NJ

That whole "April showers bring May flowers" thing isn't always accurate. Sometimes the showers start in May and the flowers don't bloom until June. Which is fine. Mother Nature can do as she pleases. But occasionally the "showers" are more like "downpours". That's what happened with this home in Wall, New Jersey. A storm rolled in with heavy rains and due to some inadequate drainage, the driveway flooded enough to cause the rainwater to go right into the garage. Thankfully, what rainwater came into the garage didn't damage any vehicles parked there. But other contents were a little water logged. SERVPRO of Howell/Wall was happy to offer our mitigation services to the homeowner. Inadequate drainage can cause problems. We're here to help.

Storm Damage in Spring Lake, NJ

Heavy rains can make a mess of things. Sometimes Mother Nature unleashes torrential rain and we're left with over worked sump pumps and flooded crawlspaces. Which is exactly what happened in this photo. The rains came down and the crawlspace filled up. When that happens, it's important to have the water drained as soon as possible since that could potentially caused some issues further down the road. It was a messy job, but SERVPRO of Howell/Wall jumped right in, physically and metaphorically, to get the job done. Rain can be unpleasant. SERVPRO is here to make sure the cleanup isn't.

Fire Damage in Jackson, NJ

Fire is bad. Clearly. I mean, we were all taught that at an early, right? You're never supposed to leave a flame unattended for any reason because something could catch fire and that's never a good thing. Which is exactly what happened to his home in Jackson, New Jersey. A candle was left burning and unfortunately, that caused some rather extensive fire and smoke/soot damage to the majority of the house. A cleanup like this is a huge undertaking, but SERVPRO of Howell/Wall can jump in and take care of a situation like this for you. Fire can be devastating. We're here to make sure the cleanup process isn't.

Water Loss in Neptune, NJ

Wet drywall is gross. We're all friends here, so we can be honest, right? Honestly, it's gross. It's like wet newspaper. And who wants to deal with a wet ceiling that's the consistency of wet newspaper? No one. That's what happened to this beautiful home in Neptune, NJ. A bathroom leak on the second floor causes water damage to the ceiling on the first floor. SERVPRO of Howell/Wall came out and removed the wet and unsalvageable drywall so we could begin the drying process. The customer was happy with our services and we were happy to help.

Water Damage in Jackson, NJ

The worst thing about coming home from vacation is...coming home from vacation. At least for me. Vacation is relaxing. Real life is generally not. What's worse than simply coming home from vacation? Coming home to find out the pipe beneath your sink leaked all over. That's what happened to this lovely home in Jackson, NJ. Once we got the call, we raced out to the job to see what needed to be done to help. We extracted all of the water and set up drying equipment to get the job done. The customers were very happy with our prompt and professional service.

Commercial Water Damage in Marlboro, NJ

Fire sprinkler systems can save lives. They can also cause damage when they break and spray water all over the place when there isn't a fire currently happening. That's the case in this photo of a school in Marlboro, New Jersey. The fire sprinkler broke off and water started to pour out of it all over the school. Which was terribly inconvenient for the students and faculty. SERVPRO of Howell/Wall came rushing over to see what we could do to help. Once the sprinkler was shut off, we proceeded to extract the water and place drying equipment. The school was pleased with how efficiently and unobtrusively we completed the job. We were glad to help in any way we could.

Sump Pump Failure in Red Bank, NJ

Pretty bedroom, right? The customers did a nice job putting this spare bedroom together in the basement of their home in Red Bank, NJ. But then the rain struck. Heavy rains overloaded the sump pump in the basement causing around a half of an inch of water to accumulate on the floor in the bedroom. Once the customer called us in, we went right over to start the drying process. We extracted the water and set up equipment to dry everything out. The customer was happy we saved as much of the room as we did, and we were happy it all worked out in the end.

Storm Damage in Spring Lake, NJ

Looks a little gross, doesn't it? It's not what you think. This photo is from a deep freeze event that caused a burst pipe in the laundry room of a vacation rental in Spring Lake, NJ. That stuff on the floor is just lint from the dryer vent when the dryer was disconnected in order to dry out the wet areas of the laundry room. The customer called us in and we came right over to see what we could do to help. They were happy with our prompt and professional service, and we were just happy we could help.

Storm Damage Wall, NJ

Mother Nature strikes again! Heavy rains and an overloaded sump pump contributed to this storm damaged basement. It was messy. Sump pump failures during intense rain storms usually are. And, really, who wants to bail water out of there own basement? No one. Which is why SERVPRO of Howell/Wall can help. We are more than willing to extract all of the water from a basement, remove unsalvageable materials, set up drying equipment, and disinfect the area. That's what we're here for. The customer was tickled pink by how quickly and professionally we completed the job. All in a day's work.

Storm Damage Howell, NJ

Mother Nature sure knows how to ruin one's day. You do not want to see her mad. Unfortunately, there are times when she gets mad, and usually we're the one's who pay the price. The storm damage from this photo was caused by heavy rains and seepage. The rain wasn't draining well and it ended up coming into the finished basement. When the customer called, we went right over to assess the damage. We removed any wet, unsalvageable materials and proceeded to dry the affected areas. Since it was ground water, we also made sure to spray some disinfectant just in case. The customer was pleased with our services and we were pleased we could help.

Fire Damage Belmar, NJ.

Laundry is the bane of my existence. All that washing and folding. It's unpleasant. What's even more unpleasant is when the dryer catches fire. Not only are the clothes likely charred, but now there's smoke damage to the laundry room and surrounding area. And who needs that in their life? No one. But that's what SERVPRO of Howell/Wall is here for. When the customer called, we came right in to take care of the smoke damage. We cleaned everything up and made sure the smoke smell was gone from the air. All in all, the customer was very happy with the work we did and we were very happy to help in any way we could.

Fire Damage Wall, NJ

Not all fires are caused by electrical issues or misused ovens. Sometimes accidents happen. In this case, a cigarette in a garbage can caused the fire damage shown. The damage was pretty extensive in certain parts of the house. We walked the customer through the whole process step by step so they felt comfortable with how the cleaning process would go. We made sure to deep clean the area and run air scrubbers to eliminate the smoke odor in the air. In the end, the customer was happy with the services we provided. The house was cleaned and the smoke smell was gone. All in a day's work!

Fire Damage Manalapan, NJ

Have you ever put something in the microwave to heat up some dinner and then walked away to do something else while it heats up? Me, too. Sometimes, that isn't the best idea. If you overheat your food, you can cause some minor smoke damage to your home when the food starts to burn. That's what happened at this lovely home. There was minor smoke damage throughout the first floor on the house that SERVPRO of Howell/Wall came in to clean up for the customer. We also set up an air scrubber to clean the air of the smoke smell while we cleaned the smoke damage. The customer was happy and so were we.

Mold Damage in Belmar, NJ

The only good mold is the mold found in smelly cheeses. I love a good bleu cheese. But that's not the kind of mold people might find in their houses. That kind of mold is not delicious (please don't lick mold found in your house). It's a nuisance. We at SERVPRO of Howell/Wall can make mold less of a nuisance for you. In this home, there was obvious suspect microbial growth pretty much everywhere. Once the customer contact us, we went right over to assess the situation. There was much to be done, so we got to work and removed all of the unsalvageable materials before cleaning and disinfecting the affected areas with an antimicrobial spray. The customer was happy with our services.

Residential Mold Howell, NJ

Mold has a distinct odor. A very unpleasant, distinct odor. If something smells musty or like mildew, that's probably mold. And let's be honest. No one wants to deal with mold in their home. But SERVPRO of Howell/Wall can help. This customer in Howell, New Jersey had a previous leak that caused some mold damaged behind the sheetrock in the living room. Once the customer contacted us about the moldy/mildew smell in the room, we came right out to see what was wrong and how we could fix it. We removed all of the affected drywall before treating the area with an antimicrobial spray. In the end, the customer was thrilled with our professionalism and knowledge regarding mold remediation.

Residential Mold Spring Lake, NJ

No one wants to walk into their bathroom and smell a musty odor. That is never a good sign. But if you do happen to walk into your bathroom and smell a musty smell, SERVPRO of Howell/Wall can help. In the photo shown, there was clearly some suspect microbial growth behind the sheetrock in the bathroom. When the customer called us to investigate, we went right over to see what the problem was and then devise a solution. In the end, we removed the affected sheetrock and disinfected the area with an antimicrobial spray. The customer was very pleased with the services we provided.

Residential Fire

As we all know, fire is bad. Unless you're making s'mores. Then it's great. But fire definitely isn't always great. There are times when it can rip through a home in the blink of an eye. Aside from that being an incredibly scary experience, the aftermath is often worse. As you can see from the photo provided, fire can cause a lot of damage. That's where SERVPRO of Howell/Wall comes in. We can help clean up the damage and put it all back together again. This job was extensive, but the customer was grateful for the professional work we did.

Residential Water Loss

Sometimes water isn't always fun. Or useful. I mean, sure, you need it to shower and water your house plants. But when water goes rogue and starts spraying all over your lovely finished basement? Not so fun, to be honest. It's at this point that you should call SERVPRO of Howell/Wall to come in and professionally dry everything for you. As you can see from the photo provided, we took care of business. We can do the same for you. Water can be a pain, but the drying process shouldn't be. Let us help you. We can make it "Like it never even happened."

Residential Water Loss

There's nothing worse than water damage to a finished basement. Wet carpet? Wet drywall? Wet contents? It's all bad. It's also an inconvenience. And who really wants or needs an inconvenience in their life? That's what SERVPRO of Howell/Wall is here to prevent. We were called out to assess water damage in the basement of a home in Wall, NJ. After all of the wet materials were removed, notice the drywall, our team of certified technicians placed some equipment and dried out the affected area. The customer was happy and so were we.

Commercial Water Loss - High School

I don't know about you, but high school was pretty hard. All those tests and papers and worrying about getting into college. Those four years weren't the easiest. Having a water loss in the main office probably would have made it worse. At least for the teachers. SERVPRO of Howell/Wall was called out to a high school in Belmar, NJ. Due to a pipe leak, there was some wet carpet in the main office that needed to be addressed. Our team of certified technicians jumped in to save the day. And save the carpet. Water was extracted, equipment was placed, and everything was dried. The administration was pleased with the services we provided and how unobtrusive we tried to be during the drying process.

Commercial Cleaning Services

As an adult, there are times when I envy little kids. Especially at fast food restaurants that have indoor playgrounds. Those playgrounds are fun. But they also get dirty very quickly. All those kids climbing all over the equipment can leave smudges and streaks. And no one wants to play on smudged equipment. SERPVRO of Howell/Wall was called in to thoroughly clean some indoor playground equipment at a fast food restaurant in Howell, New Jersey. Our trained technicians thoroughly scrubbed and disinfected the playground equipment, leaving the general manager very pleased with the results. At SERVPRO Howell/Wall we don't just handle water, fire, or mold damage. We clean, too.

Commercial Water Loss

Sometimes water happens. That's how the saying goes, right? No? Oh, well it's true nonetheless. As you can see in this photo, water can cause some unwanted problems. Water can also be incredibly annoying. Especially when a business is involved. Our certified technicians handled this loss like the consummate professionals they are. They walked right in and told that water who's the boss. The water was extracted, everything was dried, and this business could then carry on as if it never even happened. So, yes, sometimes water can happen. But that is what we're here for.

SERVPRO of Howell/Wall does Manhattan

We were called into a condo in midtown Manhattan, NY to cleanup the aftermath of a tenant vacating the unit.  Aside from the white-glove cleaning service, some minor repairs were conducted as well as a fresh coat of paint.  The customer was relieved to have all these services by one contractor all under one roof.  SERVPRO of Howell/Wall is always here help.  No job is too big or too small!  

Super Javi ecapsulating a mold job in Marlboro, NJ

SERVPRO of Howell/Wall was called into this mold loss in Marlboro, NJ.  As you can see here, Javi is donned in full PPE, encapsulating the wood beams above to help prevent future mold growth.  This was a large job requiring three thirty-yard dumpsters to remove all the affected content & structural materials.  Our client was relieved to have this mold situation eliminated from their home.  We truly made this "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Convention 2017

SERVPRO of Howell/Wall was pleased to attend the corporate annual convention held in beautiful Seattle, WA.   This convention allows us to gain continuing education in various aspects of our business, network with other franchisees, and check out the newest equipment/supplies to allow for exceptional work done efficiently.  We were also honored to accept the President's Gold award for our efforts in 2016.  We look forward to attending the annual convention in 2018 in Orlando, FL.  Our son Samy will especially look forward to spending some time with Mickey, Donald and the rest of the Disney gang. 

Water Damage in Wall, NJ

This government building in Wall, NJ experienced a frozen pipe which lead to a water damage affecting numerous rooms.  SERVPRO of Howell/Wall responded immediately and began emergency water extraction.  Our customer was very pleased we were able to make this disaster "Like it never even happened."

Box Truck1

Here is the newest addition to our growing fleet.  Our new 16' box truck is ready to serve when the need arises.  SERVPRO of Howell/Wall is always here to help.  "Like it Never Even Happened."

Company Van1

Our newest addition to our fleet

SERVPRO of Howell/Wall at Neptune Day

Here we are celebrating the community in Neptune, NJ. The kids had a blast climbing the rock wall with their awesome SERVPRO tattoos.

Water Loss in Marlboro, NJ

This house experienced a toilet overflow which leaked down to the first floor. SERVPRO of Howell/Wall brought this house back to pre-loss conditions. We made it "Like it never even happened."